There are moments that immediately activate something in me – that influence my vision. These are strong moments, sparks enlightening everyday life, and not fully elaborated visual concepts. 

These seconds of perception are changing through the process. It feels like the picture is growing and maturing. I start directly or I make a sketch for layout, dynamics and focus. I paint figuratively. The motive is a result of an inner dialogue between feeling, sensing, thinking and hearing. Yes, I hear my painting. And fight with it. It is loud, quiet, chaotic and fast, slow and tender…  more

Hand Puppets
Dear customers,
I don’t make hand puppets anymore. I am currently using my knowledge of textiles to create sculptures from fabrics by hand. Visit me on Instagram, I would be very honored! )
Instagram @marion.meinberg.de
Or visit my new artist website:
Thank you for your loyalty over the years! )
Marion Meinberg